pronounced (oo-chay) is a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and model who commands the stage with a bold fiery persona colored with an edgy style laced with influences from music legends David Bowie and Prince. He has opened for Pop Star ‘Demi Lovato’ and Grammy nominated rapper, ’B.o.B.’ Standing six feet five inches tall, at first sight one may not believe that UCHé would be agile and nimble enough to deliver the energetic “leave it all on the stage” performances that he delivers during his live show. He describes his performance style as, “No apologies, I go hard every freaking time. You haven’t seen a tall lanky dude ‘Get It’ like a short guy can… until now lol.”

UCHé never flows one way when it comes to the feel or style of his music, stating, “I never want to be put in a box, that’s so boring.” The vibrant young artist’s dark raspy voice, like his music, does not take on one consistent tone or style; instead it soars and dives in color and timbre, uniquely evolving throughout the melodies of his music. His forthcoming EP, entitled “My Generation” is due to be released June 2017. It is a musical biopic chronicling UCHé’s descent into a world of hedonism fueled by excessive drug use and subsequent spiritual awakening that he credits as saving his life.

UCHé exclaims, “My Generation speaks of the issues I have with my own generation. I meant it to be a musical vehicle that provides fiercely honest social commentary on my generation’s dulled social conscious, its fascination with living a life of “excess” and the rampart drug use that powers this ever popular “YOLO” spirit” (You only live once).” Interestingly enough, he manages to cleverly cloak ‘musical sermons’ meant to tell stories, bring social awareness and call to action his generation, utilizing electronic dance music fused with funk that originates from his soul. To coin a phrase, UCHé calls his blend of electronic dance music and funk (“Funk” DM).

“My Generation is a fight for control”,

explains UCHé. “Even the songs are sequenced in a specific order for a reason. “Rager”, the first song on the EP, is a dark and grimy ‘turn-up’ go hard party anthem meant to give everyone a real birds-eye view of where I was mentally when I was at my lowest. Just non-stop partying get high party then do it all again.” “Mob Luxuries”, the current single from the EP, was written after one of UCHé’s friends overdosed. “It’s about the luxuries of being with your squad, your crew, and the feeling of euphoria you get when you start turning up and you do more drugs than you would than if you were by yourself”, says UCHé. The ballad, “Made of Steel” was written by UCHé when he was at his most vulnerable point. “It is about finding yourself and taking back who you are as a human as you regain confidence in yourself.”

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Surprisingly, “Higher” the fifth song on the EP is a gospel song. “It’s my One for GOD and a reminder that he wasn’t about to let me fall because he is the reason that I can shine the brightest without doing drugs when I walk into a room”, explains UCHé. The final song on the “My Generation” EP, “Do It All Louder”, is about claiming control and declaring that you are not going to walk to the rhythm of everyone else. It is the culmination and the conclusion of UCHé’s spiritual awakening. “I do it all louder and I am the loudest because of GOD, without doing drugs I can operate in moderation, I can stay woke”, declares UCHé.

Before the music, UCHé was a particularly eccentric kid raised by his caring and passionate mother, a United States Public Health Service officer, and loving and ever present father. They lived in “Small Town,” Minnesota later on moving to Houston, Texas where he was originally born. UCHé describes himself as the interesting ‘class clown’ stating, “I was just a weird little boy that danced and did flips everywhere. I think I just loved making people happy.” He reminisces, “I remember telling my mom one day, “During school when I can make even one person smile I feel like I’ve done my job.” UCHé hasn’t always been singing but believes that “God’s plan is always revealed.” He began his entertainment career as a dancer and actor at the age of eleven in Minnesota. For the next three summers, UCHé would visit Nigeria and this is how he perfected his dancing skills.

Then finally he heeded the advice from countless casting directors and agents and began singing. “As a kid I was just never the standout singer in the family, I thought that place was for my sisters.” Heeding the advice of industry professionals, he finally joined the choir of his High school and church, but he never quite felt at home when in the midst of a group. He exclaims, “I hated having to just stand there and sway, it was so not for me.” UCHé found his home when he took the stage as a solo artist.

UCHé’s music career received a big boost when he won the ACUVUE® 1-Day Contest resulting in the release of his original single “Shoo Fly” along with music video sponsored by ACUVUE® and mentorship by Joe Jonas. When Joe Jonas was asked, “what one word describes UCHé?” Joe exclaimed, “Energy!” UCHé, is a musical force, a powerhouse performer, a dynamic movement of song and dance destined for iconic status.